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Fast delivery New Pet Dog Toy Linen Plush Animal Toy Dog Chew Squeaky Noise Cleaning Teeth Toy Chew Training Supplies




    When you go out, the dog will be bored at home, this toy is a good companion

    Item type:Dog toy


    Material:linen,corn velvet


    Color:blue, red, green




    Size:11.02*5.91*1.97 inches


    Feature:environmental protection, colorful, vocal, bite-resistant,interactive,Puzzle



Package includes:


    1 x  Dog Toy



1 - LJF91111005_04324402513134226852 - LJF91111005_04324796713379842753 - LJF91111005_04324417413197947784 - LJF91111005_04324348413361167725 - LJF91111005_04324360013374589176 - LJF91111005_04324443713107863317 - LJF91111005_04324429613111630628 - LJF91111005_04324583113185347999 - LJF91111005_043244549131748802510 - LJF91111005_043244737137543933511 - LJF91111005_043244795131400003712 - LJF91111005_043244931138501990613 - LJF91111005_043245023139018921214 - LJF91111005_0432450431313449131