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Clothes Drying Is Not Deformed Clothes Drying Basket Net Pocket Clothes Drying Socks Tiled Drying Rack Net

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Product category: drying net

Material: Polyester

Style: modern minimalist


Double layer drying net bag

Made of high-quality polyester, good bearing capacity and easy to dry


Let the clothes lie down in the sun

Soft and comfy sweaters want to bask in the sun

But afraid of the pull of the hanger

Just give clothes a "recliner"

Come to a comfortable "Beach Dayang Gong"

Wear it again and still look the same


Protective clothing | Anti-wrinkle and anti-deformation

Round tile design, breathable and draining

Easy to lay clothes to dry


Protect clothing from deformation

Say goodbye to the embarrassment of the "small bump" on the shoulders supported by the hange


Solid material


The mesh is made of imported mesh, weaving and tightening, fine and breathable to drain water.

Corrosion-resistant, tensile-resistant, not out of shape, firm and not easy to break,

3 kg load-bearing, strong and durable


Small and easy to store

Foldable storage, easy to fold up when not in use without taking up space


Exquisite steel ring frame

Good elasticity and toughness, strong support, anti-sun, not easy to age, firm and load-bearing, not easy to deform


Cellular Cell Design

The mesh design and structure of the product are very delicate,

The hexagons complement each other to make the water flow unobstructed,


Windproof hook

Handle hook design, windproof and non-slip structure

Strong and durable, 360 degree rotation

Drying to meet your various needs.


Encryption lanyard

Durable and not easy to age


Bottom drain hole

Hexagonal fine mesh surface, uniform water permeability

Strong drainage ability and good ventilation

Dry quickly.


Convenient storage

Reduce size

Foldable storage design, easy to fold when not in use

Does not take up space, easy to store


1. Hold the clothes drying net flat, and put the hook sling into the clothes drying net as shown in the picture

2. Twist the clothes net into "8" in the opposite direction

3. Take advantage of the situation and put it away, please pay attention to the sling to ensure that it does not interfere with the operation

4. Arrange the suspenders and the edges, and fix the ends with elastic bands