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What is a Natural Beauty Product

Natural skincare is defined as using ingredients that are produced in nature (like water, a plant, or even the coconut oil found in our Body Oil). While the word “clean” isn’t strictly regulated either, it does carry more weight than natural. Many equate the term clean with safe cosmetics and it's often used interchangeably with the label "non-toxic". While natural skincare focuses on what's in the formula, clean skincare "focuses on what is not in the product as well as the product's environmental impact.

Typically, clean beauty includes a long list of “free from” ingredients: toxins and questionable ingredients the products are formulated without, like sulfates and parabens. Unlike natural and organic, clean beauty doesn’t shy away from synthetic (or lab-created) ingredients—as long as those synthetic ingredients are safe. And since the FDA has only banned 11 chemicals in cosmetics, it’s up to brands (and consumers) to define clean for themselves. 

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