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Clean Cosmetics

Do you know that your cosmetics can make you sick? A lot of people are unaware that the hidden toxics in our beauty and personal care product can get deposited in our liver and other organs and cause severe neurological diseases. And why only cosmetics, a seemingly harmless product like room freshener or a scented candle could be causing you some series health hazard. Lot of the depression face by women are shrugged off and attributed to hormonal changes, but the hidden reason can very well be the lead or mercury  in your cosmetics. Having gone through a personal health hazard, I have made it a motto to make people aware of the risks involved in buying random products and making them conscious about reading ingredient labels. I started BEKEMATA  with the same ambition of sharing about good practices in beauty and curated a list of product for you that I can also recommend to my family. Hope you like our products. Cheers!
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